Sunday, March 7, 2010

Qreative Quail

If you're reading this blog then I'm sure you're familiar with my other blog, Qreative Quail. The following are 3 logo's concepted for my other half. The first logo was chosen as the final simply because it did the best job of representing my creative and fun side, which is what the blog is all about. That's not to say the other two logos couldn't have worked, but who are we kidding - vintage really isn't my style (2nd logo) and the 3rd logo was just too clean and for my tastes.

And if you aren't familiar with Qreative Quail, check it out here:

Friday, March 5, 2010

Traveling Elves

B.P.'s Traveling Elves (not to be confused with Travelocity's traveling gnome) are a new phenomenon on Facebook. It's a troupe of 7 elves who travel the globe and document their travels with photos to share with their FB friends. They approached me to create an icon to represent each elf. So, I obtained a group photo of the elves before they took off to their destinations and got to work creating an icon to best represent each one. Here are their graphical portraits. And if you'd like to know more about the elves and where they'll pop up next, you can friend them on facebook at

PPPDC logo

Here were 3 logo options that were presented to the Public-Private Partnership of Dane County. A mouthful, I know! It was a challenge creating a logo for an organization with such a long name, which, by the way, operated for years without one, so I took the liberty of condensing it to PPPDC in one of the logos and the Board ended up liking the idea so much (because they themselves were tired of having to say such a long name each time) that they ended up choosing that one. Even though it's not the "prettiest" it serves their purpose and actually does them a huge favor. Maybe now they'll actually gain more recognition with their new, and much shorter, name. As a designer, I always look forward to creating logos for "fun" clients like Bakeries or Photographers, but every now and then I appreciate a challenge. PPPDC was definitely that!

(My personal favorite is the green logo simply because I think it does the best job of representing the organization which is actually a board of members from 3 different organizations that come together in times of need - hence the 3 green ribbons.)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Geek Fest 2009

My husband and his buddies get together for a weekend of video gaming and bacon eating. Each year I create a logo and we iron them onto t-shirts for them to wear. Here is this years logo:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


As member of AAF-Ad 2 Madison I was offered the opportunity to create an official logo for their annual event called "Hype". The formal event is put on each year to celebrate the their chosen non-profit and the work they did for them over the past year.

Face 2 Face

Face 2 Face specializes in speed dating. Here are a couple of the logo options I gave them.